“Curasept ADS® is absolutely fantastic as it doesn’t stain.”

Posted 2013-02-21 11:07:19

Jacquie Sansom is a hygienist from Nottingham and has been recommending Curasept ADS® (Anti Discolouration System) from Curaprox to her patients for several years.

“I’ve been using Curasept ADS® mouthwash for any patients who have had serious periodontal problems,” she says. “It gives them a kick start for getting back to oral health and stabilises them in between treatments."

“After the initial appointment, depending on the severity of the periodontal problem, I normally see the patient a couple of weeks later and I typically find their oral health has improved massively. Naturally this is due to the treatment they have received, the product itself, and because they have actually used it!"

“Patients have usually used other treatment mouthwashes before and they found their taste was impaired for ages afterwards. Whereas with Curasept ADS® their taste returns quickly."

“Obviously patients don’t realise that many chlorhexidine-based products cause staining. As a hygienist, staining is the bane of my life. So Curasept ADS® is absolutely fantastic as it doesn’t stain."

“The Curasept ADS® gel is really good to use on the Curaprox interdental brushes too.”

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Written by EK Communications Ltd